DDPC delivers successful projects


Dr Ian Claydon, Claydon Consultants (regulatory affairs consultant)

I worked with David for 12 years as a regulatory consultant and member of the virtual team supporting the product development activities at Futura Medical. David ran the product development function and set up the various teams to deliver against the company objectives.  The scope of work encompassed all aspects, from product ideation and establishing patent protection, through to regulatory approvals and out-licensing.

David was an excellent leader, providing a clear vision, setting goals and energising the teams to deliver against the various development targets.  He inspired commitment and a strong team spirit and achieved great outcomes with limited resources.  He was committed to high quality in all activities and this included the very important aspects of governance and compliance of outsourced activities.  Indeed, he built parallel functional teams of experts to provide planning, scrutiny and oversight, which was an innovative strategy at the time.  As Head of Quality he introduced two QMS platforms (one for medical devices and one for pharma products), which were successful.  He was especially impressive when designing clinical trials in such a way to achieve regulatory goals whilst maximising the chances of demonstrating favourable outcomes for the test products.  Outsourced clinical trials were always achieved on time and to quality standards and to the best of my knowledge on or under budget.  And he had the ability to manage a complex team with sensitivity and humour, which is a rare talent.

Professor Adrian Davis, Limeway Formulation Design Ltd (formulation expert)

I worked with David for 8 years as a Formulations Consultant helping Futura Medical with their product design and early development.  This was an excellent and productive period for the company and was due in no small part to the way in which David corralled the development team.  He was a terrific leader, commanding commitment and high quality contribution, whilst engaging with each and every one of the team to make them feel valued.  The team felt good to be part of. I think he bought out the best in us and we created a pipeline of 8 products and with regulatory approvals for 2 products in a matter of a few years. He has a high profile within the outsourcing industry (in particular due to his activities as a Director of the Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group) and this certainly helped to leverage greater influence with CROs and other third party suppliers than the Futura spend might otherwise have justified.   

 On a personal level David is a likeable chap, sometimes self-effacing and modest, but with a wicked sense of humour and having a steely determination to get things done.  He has many private interests, most of which are directed towards charitable objectives.

Alexandra Adams (ex-Director, Late Phase, Chiltern International)

I worked with David as a co-presenter at a PIPMG meeting on Outsourcing Trends for Project Managers in January 2016. He gave a very thought-provoking presentation which contributed to a lively discussion. In preparing our talks he worked collaboratively with me so that we could give our audience the best debate possible

Andy Parrett (Head of Process, Astra Zeneca)

I first met David when he was Treasurer of the PCMG in 2003. His high standards of governance in that position convinced me he would make an excellent Company Secretary so I didn’t hesitate asking him to fulfil that role during my tenure as Chairman (January 2009 to January 2013). David managed all aspects of corporate reporting and compliance for the limited company with diligence, expertise and professionalism. He is a team player and his contributions to the management of the organisation consistently brought out the best in less experienced committee members. Above all, David is a strong strategic thinker with a clear vision of the big picture. I came to rely on his wisdom when we worked together and could not have performed my Chairman’s role without him.

Gitte Hornemann Moller, Program Director, Clinical Development & Pharmacovigilance, Dansk Laegemiddel Information, Copenhagen, Denmark

David worked with 3 other trainers to deliver a successful two-day course on “Essentials of Outsourcing pharmaceutical development” during 7 and 8 March in Copenhagen.  The course was well received by the delegates and all of the trainers received very high feedback scores (with weighted average of more than 4 on a scale of 1-5). We will be happy to run the same course next year

Ivor Harrison, Chartered Patent Attorney

I have known David since 2011 when he invited me to became a patent consultant to Futura Medical on my retirement from full-time practice as a patent attorney.  From the outset I was highly impressed with David’s clear grasp of the many complex issues, both technical and commercial, in bringing new products to market through the various stages of research, regulatory testing, production, branding etc, and his ability to use the available resources to solve problems which inevitably arose from time to time.  I was also highly impressed with David’s chairmanship of the monthly multi-disciplinary technical meetings, his concern to cover all points and complete the agenda whilst encouraging participants to offer their views.  These were highly focussed meetings with opinionated and critical key opinion leaders from the various functions and which formed the backbone of Futura’s product development strategy and program planning.  David chaired with a firm style, keeping to the anticipated timescale of the meetings and reaching conclusions and agreeing action items on each agenda item, all carried out with discipline tempered with humour.  His influence on the development activities was profound and he was able to balance priorities according to commercial need, funding sensitivity and all with limit resources.